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Hey beautiful! Seana here. Magnetic Branding Mentorship is tailored one on one calls with me over 30 days to elevate you, transform your online presence + concur your dreams …. you know the ones pinned to your vision board? Together we’ll make them a priority.

100% dedicated to the woman that’s done blending in and is ready to stand out

This is for you if…

>> You want to multiply your influence in a stress-free way

>> You desire to have more clients knocking on your virtual door enquiring about your offer/service but unsure how?

>> You’re 100% ready to get your mission and message into the world and stop second guessing yourself

>> You want to get and stay inside a high-vibe mode of creation, clarity + confidence

>> You know you’re here for something BIG and you’re ready to fully embrace the life you came here to live

>> You want to have more fun, celebration and joy in your business but most times it feels like endless to-do lists

>> You’re absolutely ready to become your brand

Come close…

>> Everything you’ve pinned to your vision board is possible, it’s time to align with it and make it your new reality

>> Your community and soul-mate clients are actively searching for you right this very moment

>> It’s time to stop making it so complicated

>> You are worthy of the success you seek

>> Just by being here now you’re making a silent commitment for more magnetism around your brand and it only gets better from here

This isn’t about fonts, colors, logos and websites — yes, we will cover it, this is much more. This is about you boldly becoming your brand.

>> This is about you learning how to show up for your ideal clients and building a raving fan base

>> This is about you committing to making it easier and easier as your bank account grows and grows

>> This is about you experiencing miracles and manifestations out of the blue because you’re in the zone with your bliss

>> This is about you speaking up unapologetically with confidence + courage for what you believe in

>> This is about you becoming impeccably clear knowing what you do, why you do it, and for who!

>> This is about your PayPal notification going off at 3AM because another client booked with you or purchased your offer after reading your latest high-vibey post

Yes, it gets to be this good.

The 30 day breakdown of working together 1:1

60 minute calls each week breakdown as follows:


Get cozy, fill up on your favorite beverage and join me on our first 60 minute call. This week is completely focused on you getting crystal clear on who you are and why you do what you do. We’ll dissolve the fear that’s holding you back and replace it with buzzing confidence and harmony. After the call, expect a whole new level creative flow, ease + excitement within yourself. This session is filled with massive ah-ha moments! Together we’ll create your aligned action plan leading into Week #2.


This week we’ll cover the energetic components on how you become a magnet and begin calling in your clients and lifestyle desires. We’ll deep dive into making self care and celebration your #1 priority which you’ll find out why it’s so important to your success. You’ll build upon the aligned action you took last week and add in your new boost of self-care energy! Secret: this session is often the most impactful for manifesting FAST so be on the the look out for miracles everywhere.


Now that you’re clear on who you are and what you do, we add to your visibility by covering your colors, fonts + filters. You’ll meet my design team for hire and you’ll book your professional photoshoot (no negotiating this one!) We’ll create a plan for your photographer, I’ll share with you how you can stay within your budget for as little as $75-$150. You’ll launch your new brand between this week and week #4 adding even more to the magnetism and begin drawing clients in rapidly. You will be seen and heard this week as you step out and shine!


By far the most exciting week! Together we cap off your magnetic brand with a soulful look at where you currently are financially and where you want to go. We’ll create a wealth game plan, talk strategy and systems specifically tailored to you.

If you’re saying, OK, LETS DO THE DAMN THING!

I’m ready to link arms with you if we’re a match.

the investment

One time investment of $888

split bi-weekly payment plan is also available upon request

Meaning of angel number 888: When you see 888, this is a strong reminder from the Universe to stand your ground for what you believe in, follow your heart to fulfill your purpose, and radiantly share your gifts with the world. When you do,  you will receive spiritual, emotional and material rewards.


Apply Here

Magnetism Branding Application

Take a moment to fill out the application and i’ll get back to you within 24-48 hours to let you know if we’re a match. Please do not fill this out if you’re not ready to invest at this time.

reserved FOR A FEW Action Takers Only

I reserve this level of 1:1 mentorship for only a few women, I can’t wait to see if you’re on of them!