3 month private coaching package now open!

60 minute weekly 1:1 phone calls

Unlimited access to my personal messenger during weekly work hours

Integrations, celebrations and action packed quantum leaping


I work with exclusively with…

>> Women who light up when talking about their dreams, desires and aspirations

>> Women who are on a mission of service and significance

>> Women who are done dancing around the perimeter of their business and ready to dive in fully

>> Women who want to celebrate more and struggle less

>> Women who find peace and harmony in what they’re here to do

>> Women who are available for enormous success by putting themselves first

working with me is direct dial to your highest self

This package is my highest level of coaching and is reserved for the woman that’s ready for quantum leaping into her highest potential

This is for you if:

>> You’re ready to feel more connected to your mission/legacy

>> You’re ready to cut the ties that weigh you down from going higher in your life and business

>> You’re ready for faster manifestations and magic

>> You’re ready to master what you do and why you do it

>> You’re ready to have more fun, play + celebration around your life

>> You’re ready to do the deep work needed to transform into leadership

make this summer the one you look back on and realize it changed everything.

What to expect each week?

- Weekly clarity call along with aligned action plan (self care and your moon cycle looked at closely)

- Deep dive into your income and money management for more to flow in

- Channeled information that only comes through in our one on one setting

- A new sense of empowerment and courage for your desires

Consultation Call Investment $99

Book Your Session

After confirming your session, Seana will email you a questionnaire form and together you’ll select a date for your 60 minute consultation call.