Your Body = Your Financial Success

Your Body = Your Financial Success

Let's talk about energy for a second today and how the success of your business is a direct reflection of the state of your body. They are all one, there is no separation.

What is created externally in your business came first from you internally. Those ideas you hold in your mind or belly that come up onto your laptop screen are from the energy within. Some of my highest earning months were when I booked social media detoxes, planned my meals for the week, moved my body and broke a sweat each day.

When I was completely away from my computer screen or cell phone. I let my work find the right people versus hustling to get it out there. You don’t need to hover over your work, let. it. go. 

Because when you’re in harmony, so is your business.

3 tips for getting into body harmony:

>> Ask yourself, how I would nourish my body today? What comes up?

>> How would I move my body today? What answers do you get?

>> How can I feel my best today? Self care? Fruit Smoothie? Bath? Spa night? Love sesh with the hubs?!

When we avoid creating daily harmony in our body, we directly pinching off our business success
^^ read that again

The joy of owning your own business is the freedom and financial success, wouldn't you say?

Really *feel* into what freedom means for you — then feel into what financially free *feels* like

-- What can you do to embody those *feelings* now?

Let me know by commenting on this post. I can’t wait to celebrate with you!

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