3 Seasonal Depression Management Tips For Busy Female Business Owners

 3 Seasonal Depression Management Tips For Busy Female Business Owners

The statistics don’t lie the farther away from the equator you are, the higher chance you’ll experience seasonal depression and if you’re a woman you’re 4x more likely to feel a little unexplainable sadness this time of year

Any fellow Midwest babes in the house? As a gal born and raised from Minnesota that’s experienced seasonal depression all of my adult life, I’ve finally cracked the code on feeling happy #AF this time of year.

You’ve got that beautiful business to run so let's talk about quick daily solutions to beam in some “sunshine” and help you break out of those winter blues.

#1) Vitamin D3 ⚡ you’ve probably heard this one before but you’re going to want to look at the label, is it organic and does it have the USDA seal? There’s a LOT of junk out there to stay away from. I take one supplement per day that’s 5000IU and always look for Vitamin D3. *Always consult your doctor* but from my experience, this has been working fabulously for myself all winter long.

#2) Get outside even when it’s cold 🌲 You may have caught my post about taking a 2-hour lunch break, this would be the perfect time to take your fingers off the keyboard and get into motion. Bundle up, breathe in some fresh oxygen, let your mind wander and perhaps your book idea or new program will come floating in? It’s that how it always happens anyway?

#3) Water 💦 Can’t say this one enough. Find that mason jar and fill ‘er up all day long. Add some frozen pineapple chunks and you’ll have a sweet treat at the end of each glass. Who doesn't love a reward? Pineapple has shown to help boost your mood and also awaken your sacral chakra (space of creativity, passion, emotions, and feelings)

#3) A desk sun lamp ☀️ Do you often feel exhausted waking up while the sun still down? Me too. This little baby has been a game changer. Flip the switch and the light mimics a warm glowing sun to immediately boosts my mood. I especially love the Verilux with 10,000lux. By the way, This would be great for any sitting in a dark cubicle all day too.

Are you going to try all 3?

Let me know by commenting on this post.

I hope these methods help boost you and your business through these last winter months!

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