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I was thinking about you this morning while sipping down my fav mushroom coffee ☕️ and rolling out my yoga mat.

I had this stream of ideas flood in on topics/teachings you could offer at your retreat. Even if you don’t know these subjects, you could take time to learn and integrate them so that you could teach it live and in person.

Note: These are suggestions for those that are interested in incorporating #spiritual work into their retreats 👁

My suggestion is that you give yourself at a minimum of 4 months to plan your retreat but ideally, 6 months. There’s a lot behind the scenes (which we can talk more about soon) but for now, let’s play with ideas!

~New moon / full moon ritual
~Burning of fears ceremony 
~Teach the earth elements 
~ Journaling with higher self and sharing in a circle 
~Morning heart opening meditation
~Evening closing energy meditation
~Cooking class 
~Build your own buddha bowl
~Dance to evoke shakti 
~Moon water jars 
~Crystals 101
~Yoga - anything ✨
~Essential oil roll-ons, mists, lotions, etc
~Bracelet or mala making class
~Drumming circles 
~Excursions local to the retreat site 
~Reiki healing, sound bath, massage (you could hire in expert speakers but *please use a contract*) 
~Kundalini training 
~Hiking, barefoot earthing, flower crowns, forest bathing, sun lessons
~SPARK Your IDEAS here ⚡️

I hope this helps lights some ideas for your next retreat! What else would you include that’s a must? Unique ideas always go over extremely well too.

PS) **Yes, use a contract whenever bringing in anyone outside. This is critical which we can talk more about in a later post.

What other retreat related questions do you have? Write below 💕