You Had a 10K Month But You're Eating That Block of Cheese Again 

You Had a 10K Month But You're Eating That Block of Cheese Again 

In your defense, you’ve been working, you haven’t had time to go grocery shopping or let alone think about creating healthy meals this week.

You’ve been busy AF and doesn’t it show? You just made 10K THIS MONTH! You just peeled off the “$10,000 GOAL” sticky note attached to your vision board and did a happy dance!! You feel like a rockstar but…. where’s that damn coffee???

What just happened here?

You just had an incredible month yet how attainable is this? When we forget to put our fuel first, we run out of gas, quickly. Your body is your motor.

This action-method works, yes indeed it does (tested and re-tested some more by yours truly) but it doesn’t amount to long term growth and I know you didn’t start your business or say peace-out to that 9-5 just to eat off the block of cheese in the fridge or forget to take care of your wellness, am I right? 

So, I have a solution for you and it’s two simple things you can do today:

#1) Take a 2 HOUR digital detox lunch break:⚡ You’re the one booking your time, so take back the control. No phones, no tv, no screens, ok? Just nourishing food that you’ve prepped ahead of time because you’re a damn boss that nourishes herself! Fill your you-time with a walk outside, a workout, meditation, journaling, anything that’s subtle to focus on how you’re feeling. Remember, you are the nucleus of your energy. Every client, course, sales page you put together has your energy stamped into it and people FEEL it .

#2) So simple, WATER: Make it your goal to visit that bathroom more that’s just down the hall. Get up, move, shake it off, pee-all-day long....

You know your best ideas come when you’re away from that laptop, so take a moment today to plan ahead for the leader you’re becoming and not hustling for the dollar today.

The goal is long term *sustainable* success, not short term some success burn out.

Ready to take action on this? Become a Rebel Body Babe Ambassador on my team.

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