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If you’re thinking about planning your first retreat, do not simply pick a location and start marketing it on social media. ⁣

Big no-no.⁣

I want to save you some time+$$ and share some tips for securing your first retreat. Having just over 60+ events under my belt form globally hosted events while in corporate america, to festivals, and retreats, I’ve got you covered boo.⁣

Jot these babies down: ⁣

#1) Get crystal CLEAR on what you want your attendees to *experience* first, don’t assume that cheaper is better. Do your homework and see where your tribe really wants to expand and grow themselves on this planet, including yourself! ⁣

#2) Negotiate like a badass. When working with retreat locations, venues, hotels, airbnbs, campsites, etc.. you have SO many opportunities at your fingertips. Ask for discounts, luxe experiences, and packages because - IF you pick their location, you’re bringing new 'customers' to their location. Keep the edge.⁣

#3) Plan out your list of dream sponsorships and pitch them! My faaaav part because you get to collaborate with products/companies/services you absolutely adore -- and who knows what new opportunities can ultimately come of that!⁣

#4) Do it as a TEAM. Could you plan a retreat all on your own, heck yes girlfriend! But it’s even more fun when you collaborate with others and can combine both your talents/specialties and create one kick-ass retreat together. Not to mention, bigger audiences too. ⁣

#5) This should go without saying but, it’s all about the *experience*. The exponential growth that happens when you’re along the ocean shore, up in the mountains or at a fancy dinner in the heart of the city. Make the *experience* your FOCUS throughout the whole thing and you’ll sell it out! #trustme ⁣

What questions do you have about hosting your first retreat? Drop ‘em below!

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